is under development. Official launch is set to fall 2019.

What is the Student Ombud?

The student ombud is a service for students who require legal aid or conflict resolution in regards to an issue between the student and the institution.

How, and when, to contact the ombud?

The studenta ombud can be contacted at any time by the form below, email,phone (+47) 555 87 036, Facebook or by letter.

I you are unsure about wheter to contact the ombud or not, just do it!. The student ombud will be able to guide you on your way if your case is not under the domain of the ombuds service.

Whom is the Student Ombud?

Sindre R. Dueland is the Student Ombud for Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Dueland is LL.M and M.Phil in public administration from University of Oslo and University of Bergen.