This week’s summary will be in English only.

Week 23

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week went with the ENOHE/ACCUO 2018 Conference in Edinburgh. ENOHE is the European Network of Ombuds in Higher Education and ACCUO is Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons. This years joint Conference gathered over 70 ombuds from Europe, North America and Australia.

During the conference I was happy to participate in a joint session With my colleagues Bo Gad Køhlert at Copenhagen University and Juval Pruitt at Karlstad University – How is your situation compared to the situations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark?. I was also happy to deliver my own session on Friday, talking about the experience of being a traveling ombud in Western Norway – Ombud Without an Office.

A mile stone in the collaboration of ombuds in higher education in Europe happened on Thursday when the ENOHE Business Meeting unanimously voted to establish ENOHE as a formal organization under Austrian Law. This being the 14th Conference it has been a long time coming. ENOHEs president, Josef Leidenfrost, had prepared statutes for ENOHE over an eight year period, and I was happy to propose the motion of establishing ENOHE based on the said statutes.

Rob Behrens, Sindre R. Dueland, Jean Grier and Josef Leidenfrost at ENOHE/ACCUO 2018 Conference in Edinburgh.

Sitting the conference for two days we had an excellent dinner at the Playfair Library in Old College on Thursday, one of Scotland’s finest public rooms. The Whole thing being arranged by Jean Grier at Edinburgh University.

During the conference I have met a great deal of experienced, well regarded and accomplished ombuds, academics and staff from Europe, North America and Australia. While still establishing a well functioning ombuds office at HVL it is great to be able to harvest experience and get guidance from such a prestigious crowd of ombuds and the like in Higher Education all over the world. I am already looking forward to meeting most of the participants again at next year’s conference in Leon, Spain.