Ombud Without an Office

Being an ombud at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences involves a lot of traveling along the western coast of Norway. On 8 June 2018 I had the privelege of talking about my own experience as a travelling ombudsman, during the joint ENOHE/ACCUO Conference in Edinburgh. This is a breif summary of my presentation.

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen / Unsplash

I would like to start by showing you my Office, on the above Picture. Well, I’m not completely trutfull now. Neither of these ferries are my Office. However I do travel a lot by boat Ferry and car Ferry. During my crossings I do work on either this website, information material, or other administrative tasks. So, even though none of the ferries above is my actuall Office, I do work a lot on ferries. That is why I believe both “ombud without an Office” and “traveling ombud” to be quite explanatory terms. But more on that later. Now I want to tell you how this all came to be, before I tell you more on how it Works and what the pros and cons of this establishment is.